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News & Blog Copywriting

When it comes to SEO, regularly updated copy is favoured by search engines. A great way to guarantee that updates are regular is to include news items on your webpages. So long as this news is related to your industry, these will be rich in relevant keywords, contain valuable links and signal to search engines that your website gets regular attention.

Blogs (or weblogs) work in a similar way but tend to be less formal than news stories, and can be more centred on you as an individual as well as your particular business. Many websites feature blogs and these are another great way to include relevant keywords and links, with the added bonus that your visitors get more of an insight into who you are. Check out the Chichester Copywriter blog here.

Katy of Chichester Copywriter offers blog copywriting, both as a ghost-blogger (where she writes your blog but you put it up as your own) and a guest-blogger (where she features as a named contributor). Katy has provided news article copywriting and SEO blog copywriting to the following clients:

Green People

Valerio Jewellery

Carica Media

Luna Clean

Brittain Marketing 


Cobnor Activities Centre

Annie Haak Designs

Work Your Way

Chichester Creative Network


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