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Hello, my name is Katy Lassetter and I have more than 9 years experience as a creative copywriter. I dabbled with the pen from an early age but first seriously entertained the notion of professional copywriting while studying Communication at Bournemouth University.

An introduction to SEO…

Within 6 months of graduating with a 2:1 (why not add that in? I worked my socks off after all!) I landed a job with a marketing company as an online copywriter.  There I learned the wonders of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and wondrous it is. Any website that is optimised correctly for search engines can have a fantastic impact on your brand and your sales.

Marketing for a global publisher…

It had been my dream to work in publishing so I decided to take my SEO copywriting skills to global publisher, John Wiley & Sons.  This is where I furthered my marketing career, got to know the publishing industry and managed to rub some SEO expertise off onto colleagues along the way. While there, I also developed an interest in social media marketing. This was a real breath of fresh air but a far leap for the marketing traditionalists! I was fascinated that it was deemed acceptable to use channels like Facebook and Twitter in a professional capacity to increase brand awareness and I wanted to know much more.

Chichester Copywriter is born…

I became a freelance copywriter at the start of the 2009 recession; some thought I was crazy but I had a plan! I began to work with Chichester Design, a web design and development agency. There, in my various roles, ranging from professional copywriter to digital marketing consultant with a whole lot of project management thrown in along the way, I introduced the team to the world of social media marketing.

Now, here I am taking the copywriting, SEO web copywriting, social media marketing and digital marketing consultancy that keeps those creative juices flowing and offering my freelance marketing services to all of those that desire successful marketing that feeds a successful business.

Get in contact with me today by calling: 01243 533421 or emailing:

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