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Marketing Consultation

Chichester Copywriter offers a professional marketing consultancy service where Katy will talk you through the multitude of marketing options available including digital media such as websites, blogs and social media.

Katy will explain the benefits of each medium and determine the best media mix for your brand, products or services. From this, she will create a marketing strategy that will blow your competitors away.

Surely you want to be ahead of the game and you want to gain a marketing plan that will increase brand awareness and maximise sales, don’t you? Look no further than Chichester Copywriter!

Most recently, Chichester Copywriter has provided marketing consultations for:

Story Massage for Children

Real Hair, London

Michael Van Clarke

Debra Swinley Timeless Stories

Strohacker Creative

Derek Eaglen Architects

Jane Rusbridge

Spindle Magazine

Cobnor Activities Centre

In collaboration with Chichester Design, Katy has provided marketing consultations for the following clients:

Snappy Crab Clothing

Vanilla Catering and Events

The Chichester Real Ale and Jazz Festival


Pickled Egg Events


CIX Online

Kabuki Productions


For a free marketing consultation as well as a priceless marketing strategy contact: and make your appointment today.

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