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Is Brand Awareness Your Key to Business Success?

Brand awareness: Puma footprint making its mark

What Katy of Chichester Copywriter does best is to help people – SMEs and education organisations alike – distinguish their brand and attract the right customers with impactful content marketing and copywriting. But what does this mean? Why is brand awareness important? And how is this relevant to your business? Let’s have a closer look…


What is the brand?

Close-up cow faceAn image of a cow with a burnt bottom, a tradition dating back to Ancient Egypt, might come to mind when you chew over the word branding. While a questionable example of animal welfare, the analogy of branding your property so it can be recognised remains. According to Wikipedia, “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good[s] or service as distinct from those of other sellers”.

Traditionally, the brand is a combination of the following (and more) that runs through your entire promotional suite – from stationery and marketing communication templates to packaging and signage:

  • Brand name and tagline
  • Tone, language and key phrases
  • Logo and signature
  • Colours, fonts and visual style


Your brand is your business made human. And, today, the brand goes much further. In part, this results from our relationship with social media. People have always had opinions and talked about your business but this is more visible now than ever. Insight into the business world is more accessible, brands are more exposed – the brand is everything. Every time you put your brand out there it’s judged and so everything you say about your business is your brand.


Am I my brand?

Luxury car brand icon As Dee Woodward says in her Brand Masterclass, your brand is, “all about you and absolutely nothing to do with you”. When you boil this down it makes perfect sense.

The fluidity of the relationship between your brand and your customers is key. Your customers want to buy into an experience and they want to feel part of something. Whether that’s a sense of prestige from driving a luxury car or a sense of community from donating to a charity initiative. You’re a huge part of your brand but… it’s not all about you…

“Your brand is your business made human… [it’s] all about you and absolutely nothing to do with you” – Dee Woodward, ByDeesign.

Your brand values and the solutions you want to provide to your ideal customers are deep-rooted in you as a business owner/creator. And staying true to yourself is important for you to create a consistent, clear and confident brand style to communicate with your customers. At the same time, that “hey, this is my business, and this is what we’re about” approach of more traditional campaigns, where your customers are shunted through the sales process, is a tad outdated.

Brands of the now are more about the ideal customer’s identity. What do your customers aspire to? The more invested in your brand your customers become, the more your brand is invested in your customers. That is, the more joyful the experiences you provide and loyalty you create, the more chance your brand will stick around and be a huge success.


What is brand awareness?

Connection – circle of feet in trainers Brand awareness is your brand being recognised and remembered by your customers. No matter what your business size or sector, you’re going to benefit from getting your brand out into the natural habitat of the people likely to buy.

Whether you’re trying to attract working mums on Facebook or millennial influencers on Instagram, you need to let people see your brand (help them recognise your offer) and continue to remind them of who you are and what you do.

You need to communicate these messages in the most engaging format, in the best places and at the best time – according to your research into your ideal customers. With social media marketing, for example, different audiences respond to different types of content marketing (videos, testimonials, team photos, infographics). They also use different channels on different days and at specific times. The more customer research you do to inform your marketing strategies, the more likely you are to get the most out of brand awareness campaigns.


Why does my business need brand awareness?

Social media engagement – follow, like, share, hashtagBrand awareness is vital to your business because you want to be seen by your customers. You want to be recognised and remembered at the exact time they’re ready to buy.

While it’s not as easy to measure brand awareness, in terms of cost per conversion at least – because the process is more fluid, continuous and could take several months or even years to take effect – it’s a powerful part of the marketing strategy.

Brand awareness is often a time investment rather than a financial investment though that’s not to say you shouldn’t invest some of your marketing budget to getting it right. That might mean working with marketing professionals such as copywriters and graphic designers to create the right brand message and then working with a content marketing specialist to target and deliver the message to your ideal customers.

You need to connect with your ideal customers for them to buy into your brand – and that means they go forward to buy your products and or services too. Often, a good connection results in brand loyalty (they will buy from you rather than the other brand) for long-lasting customer relationships.  Your customers might also become your brand ambassadors (they become part of your tribe and recommend you to likeminded others) and help grow the reach of your brand further (get your brand seen by more of your ideal customers).


How can Chichester Copywriter help with my brand awareness?
Customer enjoying business success

Katy at Chichester Copywriter offers a broad range of content marketing and copywriting services that will help communicate your brand message in the best way to resonate with your ideal customers. This includes:

  • Press releases to announce your business, brand, product or service launch
  • Website copywriting that not only gets your website found but is also bang on-brand – using the tone and style you want to be known for
  • Blog articles, ghost-written in your voice, so you can get across your brand’s authority and expertise in your niche area in an engaging and memorable way
  • Social media posts that continue to reinforce your core brand values. Each post is crafted for the exact social channel where you’ll find your ideal customers hanging out


Do you want your ideal customers to know what you do and remember what you can help them with, without making your marketing message all “me, me, me”? Contact Katy for a brand awareness content strategy that will knock your customers’ socks off while knocking your competitors out of the park.



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