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Chichester Copywriter Celebrates International Women’s Day with AllClear Travel Insurance

Photo of Katy Lassetter on AllClear's International Women's Day banner

On International Women’s Day 2019 our Chichester Copywriter was hailed as a Strong Woman by AllClear Travel Insurance. This is a throwback and thumbs up to the email marketing campaign sent from the insurance providers to their customer base last March.

Copywriting for insurance companies – then and now

Did you know that Katy of Chichester Copywriter started her writing career crafting SEO web copy for insurance companies? It was during this first professional role she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ME. But Katy was determined to extend her skillset and expand her writing portfolio. She continued to work full time for a small marketing agency and then an international publishing house before becoming a freelance copywriter in 2009.

Flying solo means Katy can work her own hours and dedicate all her time and energy to copywriting and managing social media accounts for her clients – across a wide range of business sizes and industries. This isn’t to say she doesn’t commute to meetings or work regular office hours alongside her colleagues, she has the flexibility to find a balance.

Asked by AllClear to write about her experiences of travelling with a condition that causes exhaustion and compromises the immune system, Katy was delighted to guest blog about a trip to Greece. This was the ultimate chillout holiday – something Katy had not done before but heartily recommends.

Screenshot of AllClear Travel Blog

Published on the travel insurance website in autumn 2018, Katy’s article was selected alongside those of other strong women, “living with pre-existing medical conditions but all still making incredible achievements”.

Thanks so much, AllClear Travel Insurance and Happy International Women’s Day 2020 to all the strong, independent women out there who are rocking the business world!

Need a few strong business words from a strong woman?

Feel as though your business communications could do with refining or refreshing? Want to send out email marketing campaigns, brochures and social media posts your customers will look forward to reading? Katy of Chichester Copywriter is here to lend a helping hand with solid professional writing services – but no strong-arming. See Katy’s writing portfolio here or get in touch for a chat and a free quote.


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