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Chichester Copywriter learns how His Last Duchess was created

Last week Chichester Copywriter went to a talk at Chichester Library about the novel His Last Duchess by local author Gabrielle Kimm. The local author was chatting to Jane Rusbridge, another Chichester-based writer, and it provided a fascinating look at what inspired the creation of this excellent historical novel.

After an introduction from Jane, Gabrielle began by telling the gathered bookworms how her novel was inspired by Robert Browning’s poem, My Last Duchess. Initially, Gabrielle was struck by the poignancy of the poem but did not realise it was about real people until she began to research and by this time she was hooked and was beginning to create a wonderful fiction built around fact.

During the talk, Gabrielle explored the intricacies of researching historical fiction, including fact-checking details of scenes on location in Italy, calling on the views of experts in 16th Century costume at the V&A Museum and learning the skills to be described in the narrative, from archery to falconry

Gabrielle also talked about her journey from pitch to publication, revealing how she eventually succeeded to land a two-book deal after no less than 14 attempts. Creative writing is no easy feat but many writers will agree that seeing your book in print is the ultimate reward and our creative copywriter is very much looking forward to this day.

It must be said that the historical novel is becoming one of Chichester Copywriter’s favourite reads; it’s so easy to become lost in a distant time and place while learning about important historical events through lively, creative writing. Kate has just finished reading The Last Concubine by Lesley Downer, which brings Japan in the 1860s to life in an epic evocation of a country in revolution, and of a young woman’s quest to find out who she really is. This has inspired her to start thinking about writing her own novel in addition to her children’s books that are awaiting publication.

Find out more about how Chichester Copywriter can use her creative writing skills to make your marketing the best it can be by calling Kate on: 07986 802194.

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