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Chichester Copywriter attends Poetry Workshop

The best way for a creative writer to grow is to share their thoughts in a workshop with fellow writers, allowing them to take onboard feedback and make improvements. So, on Saturday Chichester Copywriter took her notepad and pen along to Chichester Library and got stuck in to a poetry workshop held in aid of this year’s National Poetry Day.

A group of ten eager poets took their seats among the books while two representatives from Chichester Stanza, Andrew Bailey and author of Feeding Hummingbirds Melanie Penycate (artwork pictured), provided inspirational guidance with writing exercises and a short masterclass where the group could examine each other’s work.

The first exercise enabled the group to practice free-writing; they were encouraged to continuously write whatever entered their minds for five minutes to get the creative juices flowing. Next, they repeated this exercise for two minutes, but this time that were given the title The Shipwreck to focus their free-writing.

After writing on The Shipwreck, each student was asked to select their favourite line or phrase and share it with the group. Once everyone had shared their line, these were pieced together to create a group poem:

Into the ship we grew,

All decks and crew we knew.

Battle stations were rehearsed,

But that day’s outcome we were cursed.

We all know the tragic details of the Titanic disaster. Not any more…

The tempest raged. The ship rocked to and fro.

The wood that was oiled with salt is splitting.

A shipwreck arose from the ebbing sea, where it had come from was a mystery;

Incongruous with a clam blue sea.

Not one, not two, but three.

Salt in the mouth – going down – gulping, going down – green, undersea green.

Coral of all hues swaying and glowing,

And the arms of a giant octopus reach round to snatch you

Nature’s cruelty.

A thought provoking exercise in metaphor followed where the group of writers were asked to look at this same poem but consider its meaning if the title was changed to Divorce. Suddenly, images of arguments, tears and innocent children leapt from the pages.

The blossoming poets were then presented with a game of What is? It is, where on one side of a piece of paper they were asked to write a simple question and on the other side a descriptive answer. Chichester Copywriter chose to define some of her most favourite things: autumn, love, chocolate and tapirs. Then, the questions from the entire group were collected, shuffled and read out by a volunteer while another member of the group replied with the pile of shuffled answers. The results ranged from the ridiculous to the profound, here are some examples:

What is music? It is a way to wear one’s hair.

What is time? It is porridge and Mozart.

What is water? It is a bit of broken rainbow.

What is happiness? It is mental melody combined with love.

Each poet then chose the sentiment that most provoked feeling with them and were given five minutes to write a poem incorporating that sentiment. Our creative copywriter chose What is a cat? It is menacing but causes no harm:

Giving of love but wanting in return,

A friend and companion as well as a loner;

The wanderer that always comes back to you.


Head butts and purrs but hairballs and corpses,

A lively dancer at night but flaccid by day.

Waiting on step, darting through open door.


Cuddles and warmth; oil on your trousers.

A really good listener but do expect judgement;

He can be menacing but causes no harm.


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