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Do I need a Facebook business page?

Most businesses have now caught on to the fact that having a Facebook page is as important as having a website and are starting to use Facebook to communicate their brand. However, time and again Katy of Chichester Copywriter sees businesses using personal Facebook profiles rather than Facebook pages for business.  This is wrong.

Personal Facebook profiles are there for individuals to use so that they can stay in touch with their friends and family. Think back to why and how Facebook was founded, it was originally a communication tool among college students. It is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions to use a personal Facebook profile as a business communication tool. However, Mark Zuckerberg later saw the value of social networking for businesses so Facebook now allows businesses – Brands and Products to Companies and Organisations – to create pages which enable this.

Facebook pages are inherently open; a Facebook user does not have to send a friend request, he or she can just “like” the page of the business.  A business page can display a host of information about a business, from its mission statement to its contact details. Each Facebook page acts as a mini-website, communicating what a business is about and making it easy for customers to get in touch and find out more.  Here are the differences between personal Facebook profiles and Facebook business pages broken down…

A personal Facebook profile:

  • Is for engaging with your friends and family
  • Is for sharing posts and photos that are of interest to your friends and family
  • Is for showing what you, as an individual, like and support



A Facebook business page:

  • Is for engaging with customers/ potential customers – it is not for selling!
  • Is for sharing posts and photos that best reflect and reinforce your brand/ business/industry
  • Is for networking with other businesses – your business can show support for similar/local businesses by “liking” them. These “likes” will be displayed on your page


That is not to say that a personal Facebook profile is useless to your business though. In order to get full functionality from your Facebook business page, you will need to connect that page to a primary Facebook account i.e. a personal Facebook profile. It is possible to set up a Facebook business page that is not connected to a personal profile but these pages have fewer features and are frustrating to manage. Also, when you set up a business page that is linked to your personal account you have the option of inviting your Friends to “like” the page and it is easier to build your audience more quickly.

Because a Facebook page is designed for business use it should be in line with your brand. You should display your company logo, tag-line, website address, phone number and remember to link to your website, blog and other social media platforms. You should treat it with the same professionalism as you would your business website; make sure that your spelling, grammar and punctuation reflects your business as a proficient organisation. Always use spellcheck to check your Facebook posts but when writing your “About” information, it is advisable to employ the skills of a professional proofreader.

What is more, a Facebook page is important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your business’ online presence. This means that using keyword phrases when writing the copy for your Facebook page’s “About” information is just as important as using SEO techniques for your website copy.  Katy of Chichester Copywriter can not only perform an SEO keyword analysis that can be used for your website and social media marketing but she can also provide SEO copywriting for your website and Facebook page.

As an experienced social media marketer who has worked with businesses and organisations from the Massage in Schools Association to Annie Haak Designs, Chichester Copywriter can set up your Facebook business page, manage the page or provide you with bespoke social media marketing training so that you can manage it effectively. Contact Katy to discuss her Facebook marketing services today.

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