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How to Write Copy and Make Money with Andy Maslen and Work Your Way Magazine

This week Chichester Copywriter attended a webinar with Andy Maslen, author of “Write Copy, Make Money”. This provided a great opportunity to look at what clients are expecting from professional copywriters and pick up tips on how to improve running a copywriting business.

Andy, who has been in the copywriting business for 25 years, started out as a marketing assistant and worked his way up to marketing director. When he discovered that copywriting was his true passion he decided to start his own practice. In an hour-long webinar Andy Maslen talked about his experiences of setting up and building his copywriting business to Mary Cummings. Mary is the editor of Work Your Way Magazine for which Katy of Chichester Copywriter has provided  both SEO copywriting and social media marketing services.

When asked for tips on selling Andy suggested that women, in particular, suffer from lack of confidence. He advised female copywriters to remember that they’re experts in their field and that they may need to remind the client that they are the one in need of expert help. He suggested that women copywriters can get over this confidence hurdle by finding a sales technique that suits them and embracing it– whether it’s face to face networking, telephone sales, email or social media. Andy Maslen also stressed that it’s important to set sales goals and tackle those spread out throughout the working week to keep momentum high.

Andy also stated that, in his experience, Twitter is a waste of time for small businesses. He said that when using Twitter as a business tool the time he wasted far outweighed the business benefits. Chichester Copywriter would like you remind readers that when it comes to Twitter, you get out what you put in. It’s very important that you scan read posts and reply and interact quickly and efficiently; dipping in and out rather than scrutinising posts and trying to get involved with every conversation. Twitter won’t distract you or waste your time if you plan it into your working day and exercise self-control. Chichester Copywriter has actually found it a very useful marketing tool and has managed to achieve business and maintain professional relationships using Twitter.  Contact Chichester Copywriter if you’d like to find out how to use Twitter to benefit your business.

Specialising in a particular area of copywriting was also addressed and Andy mentioned that each copywriter could be considered an expert in the last product or service they wrote about. However, he stressed that if you can position yourself as a specialist in a particular area it may give you the edge when compared to other copywriters. For example, Chichester Copywriter specialises in SEO website copywriting and copywriting for the creative industries but is also experienced at writing for the retail, leisure and IT services industries.

Another point that Andy raised was the importance of a professional email address. Chichester Copywriter agrees that having an email address linked to your website is more credible than just having a Hotmail or Google Mail email address. A professional email address will help clients to take you more seriously and could help you to win business over your competitors.

Andy Maslen’s top tip for becoming a Successful Copywriter

  • Master the ability to understand how what you’re writing makes a difference to the client. You need the ability to understand it’s not what you want to say, it’s what the reader wants to hear.


Andy Maslen’s top tip for becoming a Successful Freelancer

  • Master the ability to sell and get on with people.


Are you looking for a copywriter that can make money for your business? Contact Chichester Copywriter today and Katy will be more than happy to talk you through how we can help.

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