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Storytelling by fire-light at Kipling’s Butser

On Saturday 2nd February, Chichester Copywriter’s Katy visited Butser Ancient Farm to join others around an open-fire in celebration of Imbolc – a Celtic festival marking the start of spring. It seems that Katy wasn’t the only writer to enjoy … Continue reading

How to Write Copy and Make Money with Andy Maslen and Work Your Way Magazine

This week Chichester Copywriter attended a webinar with Andy Maslen, author of “Write Copy, Make Money”. This provided a great opportunity to look at what clients are expecting from professional copywriters and pick up tips on how to improve running … Continue reading

Do you Work Your Way? Chichester Copywriter’s Katy does!

Katy of Chichester Copywriter is now a contributing writer at Work Your Way, an exciting new magazine for entrepreneurial parents. This magazine is the brainchild of Mary Cummings, a London-based writer and mother of three who wants to help career … Continue reading

Ode to Lordington Lavender

Descent through dusty tunnel of trees, passing barns of headily scented hay, Horizon fills with a violet haze that widens the eye and quickens the heart; Steps pace as aromatics fulfil, yet do not overwhelm, and incandescence intensifies. Standing at … Continue reading