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No-nonsense, down-to-earth marketing

A familiar pattern has come to light with regard to recent sales enquiries: most people who contact Chichester Copywriter for marketing services are looking for a copywriter or publicist with a no nonsense approach, and, after perusal of the website, they reach for the phone…

There are so many pushy marketing types out there but it’s so important that the approach that you take with your marketing reflects your brand identity. Creative types especially may not want to bombard their customers with salesy taglines, assertive calls to action and overly persuasive copywriting. Many prefer the more subtle and imaginative approach to marketing; an approach that Chichester Copywriter whole-heartedly believes in.

Copywriting doesn’t have to be corporate and it doesn’t have to follow the crowd; copywriting can be professional and engaging without the formalities and formula. Chichester Copywriter will always consider your brand image as well as your business goals and marketing objectives when wording your copy, creating your marketing plan and consulting on any other marketing activities.

Live by less is more? Swear by simplicity? Striving to keep things straightforward? You’ve come to the right place. Chichester Copywriter offers professional and creative marketing. Simples (as those pesky meerkats would say!)

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Give Katy a call on 01243 533421 or email:

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