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Chichester Copywriter offers SEO and Social Networking training for businesses

Katy of Chichester Copywriter has designed and delivered her first training session on SEO, Social Networking and Social Media. The client was a woman who is starting her own Digital Marketing company and she wanted to learn everything on SEO, Social Media and everything in between.

Our Digital Marketing consultant created a training course entitled: Social Networking and Search Engine Optimisation Essential for Business. This consisted of three sessions, each with a schedule that incorporated: theory presentations, video demonstrations, interactive comparisons and setting up and optimising social networking profiles.

Here’s a taste of session one:

1. An introduction to Social Networking and Social Media

1.1   An overview of social networking

1.2   A look at the most popular social networking websites

1.3  An introduction to the Social Media Revolution

2. An introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

2.1   What is Search Engine Optimisation?

2.2   How to write search engine friendly website copy

2.3   A look at how SEO is used on current websites

3. How Social Networking and SEO are useful to your Business

3.1   Putting social media to work for your business

3.2   Social networks in competition – YouTube vs Facebook

3.3   Preparation of a bespoke Twitter tip-sheet

Chichester Copywriter’s first training client was so pleased that she provided a few words on her experience:

“This session has really opened my eyes to the potential of social media in marketing.  I look forward to further sessions and building on this for my new freelance career.  It’s already given me plenty of ideas to explore.” Diana Morgan.

More thoughts and feedback on Chichester Copywriter’s professional copywriting, SEO, SMO and digital marketing services can be seen at:

Each training session is designed for the specific needs of the client so you can be sure that all examples used and advice given will be relevant to you, your brand and your sector. To find out more details about Chichester Copywriter training sessions or to book your course today, please contact:

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