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Story Factory Chichester is back April 2015!

Children writing stories at Story Factory Chichester Who knew that when West Sussex writer Vicky Edwards teamed up with Katy of Chichester Copywriter their creative workshops for children would be so popular? The first Story Factory Chichester in October 2014 was a sell-out event and, with this and all the wonderful praise and encouragement received in mind, there will be a second children’s workshop on 9th April 2015.

The 20 children who attended the creative writing, drawing and performance workshop on 31st October 2014 had a fun-filled imagination-fuelling day and their parents were delighted with the results. Here are a few words from some attendees’ mums:


“I was very happy that Jonah got so much out of the day he had with your team.

His best bit was telling his story, despite finding it daunting. It was clear he was so well supported that he found himself pushed out of his boundaries and able to express himself with increased confidence.

We both thank you for a great all round creative, imaginative and stimulating day.” Jessica Venables, mother of seven-year-old Jonah .

“Wonderful opportunity to bring together children with energy and imagination, and talented grownups, to generate a fabulous result!” Tanya Hatton, mother of seven-year-old Charlotte.

“Thanks so much to you and the rest of the team for arranging such a fun day on Friday.

Arts and Humanities are not really Tom’s forte, but he had such a lovely day – and was really positive about everything…

I also loved the fact that he was so happy spending the day with a group of children who are far removed from his usual football and Minecraft interests.

A fun and entertaining day, coupled with learning new skills – just perfect…thank you so much and a huge WELL DONE!” Jacqueline Harley, mother of eight-year-old Tom.

What’s more, a number of creative professionals including inventors, children’s authors and educational workshop facilitators have since caught wind of our workshop idea and shown their support through their own kind words:

“I love the work Katy and Vicky are doing. Children have incredible imaginations, encouraging story writing is important to help them develop their confidence and creative style. Stories written by children have a candid honesty and can be very funny. Well done.” Nick Grey, Inventor and Managing Director of G-tech.

“I love the way children see our world. It’s often amusing, sometimes quirky, occasionally sad – but always perceptive and they just stop me in my tracks and make me think! Congratulations to Story Factory Chichester for enabling children’s voices to be heard.” Cathy Watts, Children’s author.

“There is nothing more important than giving children the chance to let their imaginations run wild.  Story Factory is a fantastic opportunity for children to write, create and draw stories and characters in an inspirational, fun-filled environment.” Becky Edwards- Children’s Author, Just Write for Kids Club founder.

“The art of storytelling is one of the oldest art forms in the world, crossing ages, traditions and cultures. How wonderful that Katy and Vicky are offering local children the opportunity to engage with the fun and creativity of writing and sharing their own stories. We are thrilled to be taking part in this innovative venture.” Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper, Co-Founders of Story Massage.


The second Story Factory Chichester, sponsored by JSPC, will take place in 9th April, 2015 at Friends Meeting House Chichester. James Stoner, Founder of JSPC Computer Services, commented:

“We are really proud to be sponsoring Story Factory Chichester, to support these children while they explore expression through words and the arts.We are very passionate about our work within education and we are firm believers that technology can also help develop children’s creativity and innovation.”

As it’s during the Easter Holidays, there will be a chocolatey theme to the day’s activities which will again include writing, illustration and performance as well as a new and exciting form of interactive storytelling.

To find out more about Story Factory Chichester, which is suitable for 6-11 year-old children of all levels and abilities, please contact Katy at Chichester Copywriter today.

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