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A Digital Marketing Content Explosion: What the Experts Think

By Charles Green

Did you know we’re in the middle of a ‘content explosion’? Just think about social media:

  • 500 million people tweet every day
  • 500,000 WordPress posts are published every day
  • 300 million Facebook pictures are uploaded every day

These incredible figures popped up in BrightTALK’s recent webinar, Clash of the Titans: Content Marketing vs Storytelling, in which they invited a host of marketing professionals to share their expert wisdom on the fast-changing role of content marketing today. On the panel were Alan Thorpe of Indicia, Chris Moody of Compendium, Tim Tucker of Tim Tucker Consultancy and BrightTALK’s very own Savina Velkova.

Getting heard: what makes a good story?

First on the agenda is a chestnut we’ll all recognise: QUALITY or QUANTITY? When you think of a content creator you might think of a lonely blogger tapping heroically at the keys to churn out carefully targeted, top-notch (why thank you very much) stuff. You should think again. These days content comes from everyone and everywhere. Whether it’s blogging, tweeting or writing customer reviews – we’re all at it, all of the time.

This makes the modern world a rather noisy place. But there’s one type of content that – the experts agree – shines brightly through the din: stories. Our brains crave them and our memories hold onto them because we identify with them. This is where user-content comes in: it’s both cost-effective for businesses and highly attractive to customers. The stories, experiences and testimonials of others are a strong basis for customers’ buying decisions.

The earthier and more ‘real’ your business’ content is, the better response you’ll get. This is a philosophy proven by the success, for instance, of wine-maestro Gary Vaynerchuk – the inspiration for one of Chichester Copywriter’s early social media marketing campaigns and mentioned in the webinar as marketing ‘gold dust’. Gary’s online marketing videos have taken both the wine world and digital world by storm but in a digital age there are many ways that you can present your story…

SEO still rules, so don’t get left behind!

As the experts say, there’s absolutely still a place for dedicated, ‘high effort’ content marketing, such as: Search Engine Optimised copywriting, blogging and social media marketing. All of this combines to provide your business with the smart public voice it needs and plays an important role for consumers who want detail, excitement and expert advice. Most importantly, this kind of content is the stuff that search engines love, and that’s no accident.

Staggeringly (here’s another webinar nugget for you), between 2008 and 2013 the amount of pages that Google indexed increased from one trillion to thirty trillion which gives us an idea of just how much is out there. The message is clear: your business needs to stand out from the crowd and be found among the shrapnel so invest some time and energy in content across the board – from facilitating consumer chat to producing high quality Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy – and you’ll see the benefits.

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