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Top 10 PC Keyboard Shortcuts for business

Whatever your business sector – marketing or business development, HR or finance – there are a number of easy-to-use, PC keyboard shortcuts that are going to save you time as you work through your office duties.

Now, Katy of Chichester Copywriter uses shortcuts such as Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl P) habitually when editing her own copy as well as when copy-editing for clients. But recently, while Katy was providing Social Media Marketing training for several new clients, she realised that not everyone knows about these time-saving gems. So, she thought she’d share the most useful with you…here are Chichester Copywriter’s Top 10 Keyboard shortcuts for business:

  1. Copy it – Ever wanted to move a piece of text from one part of a document to another or share a URL with a colleague in an email without having to write it all out again? As well as highlighting what you want to copy and right clicking with your mouse to reveal the Copy option in a list of commands you can also then hold down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the C key. This will copy your text (or image) to the PC’s clipboard, meaning that your computer will remember the last thing that was copied which comes in very useful when you use Paste…
  2. Paste it – To move your copied image/text to the desired place on your page, place the cursor where you’d like to insert and as well as right clicking with your mouse to reveal the Paste option in a list of commands you can then hold down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the P key and your copied text/image will be revealed.
  3. Cut it – In the same way that you can Copy a section of text/image to keep and transfer, you can also delete it. So, just highlight the piece you’d like to get rid of and hold down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the X key. Whatever you Cut will be available on your clipboard until you copy or cut something else and once it’s gone it’s gone, unless you hit Undo…
  4. Undo/Redo it – Should you wish to Undo the last action that you performed via your keyboard e.g delete the last line of text that you wrote or get rid of a photo that you Copied and Pasted then you can use Undo by holding down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the Z key. Alternatively, to Redo your last action that you performed via your keyboard use Redo by holding down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the R key.
  5. New page – There must be times when you simply want to Copy and Paste something from one document onto a fresh page in a hurry. Did you know that you don’t need to stop what you’re doing, grab the mouse, go to the tool bar and select New to create a new page? You can just hold down the Ctrl key and then, at the same time, the N key.
  6. Repeat it – This is very useful for repeating any actions, such as pasting a new line of cells into an Excel spread sheet. Simply old down the Cntrl key and then, at the same time, the Y key to see your last action repeated.
  7. Refresh it – You’ve probably been using Facebook or Twitter and had an error message come up when it’s got confused or there are too many users trying to post at once and this is where this one comes in very handy. Sometimes when using things online things can get stuck and just need a little push start so if the Internet’s being slow and your page is taking and age to load or the social media platform you’re using it throwing a wobbler just hit the F5 key and it will refresh the page. It usually moves things along too! However, if you hit F5 while using Word it brings up the Find and Replace option. This is also a handy shortcut when you realise you’ve spelt a word two different ways and you don’t fancy spending three hours trawling through a lengthy document trying to find the errors.
  8. Print screen (also known as Screen Capture and Screen Grab) – Ever wanted to share a web page with someone exactly how it looks on the screen or save a receipt after making a purchase online? This is where the Print Screen key (Prt Scn) comes into its own. This tool comes in especially handy when you have an IT problem and you’re trying to explain to an engineer what the screen looks like or what the error message says. Simply, hold down the Print Screen Key and Ctrl P straight into an email. You can also Paste it into Word (or your preferred programme) where you can crop it and save if you need to tidy it up and keep it.
  9. Full screen – To get the most out of using Print Screen to copy a web page it’s best to use it in conjunction with F11. This shortcut will get rid of all that’s displayed at the top and bottom of your screen, leaving just the web page visible. It makes the screenshot neater and means you have less to crop later.
  10. Highlight and hold – Did you realise that rather than painstakingly uploading one photo at a time to your Facebook photo album or WordPress blog that you can highlight more than one photo and leave it to do its thing? Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the photos from a list and keep the key held down until you hit Open. All of your photos will upload, one after the other – there’s no more waiting!

Did you know that the terms “Cut” and “Paste” originated from the world of editing and publishing where editors would actually cut a section of text with special, long-bladed scissors and paste it onto a more suitable page? This was industry practice until the 1980s when photocopiers and then computers made things a lot easier for professional editors and copy-editors, such as Katy of Chichester Copywriter.

Here’s hoping that you find these keyboard shortcuts as useful as Chichester Copywriter does. Should you need any more tips or assistance with your own copy-editing or copywriting do give Katy a shout today and she’ll be happy to help.


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