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Katy of Chichester Copywriter gets Creative with Story Massage

This week, Katy of Chichester Copywriter joined clients Mary and Sandra from Story Massage to experience a trial run of their Story Massage training in Brighton. Katy also got to experience her very own story, which she wrote especially for the pair’s new e-book, brought to life through massage…


What is Story Massage?

Story massage combines traditional storytelling with a holistic twist. To receive a story massage is to be told a story by someone who reads aloud while simultaneously performing simple massage strokes (through clothing), to complement the words of the story, on your back.

For example, if the sun is shining in the story your partner might draw a circle on your back with his/her fingers, which not only depicts the big ball in the sky but also feels warm to receive. Alternatively, if a character is walking this might be demonstrated by hands padded on the back like footsteps.

Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper of Story Massage sum it up best on their website:

“Story massage is a fun and interactive way of enjoying positive touch through storytelling and simple massage strokes. Everyone can join in, whatever age or ability.”

The important point here is that while the e-book comprises stories aimed at children and story massage is fantastic to share child-to-child or parent-to-child, adults love to receive the feel-good storytelling experience too.

There are numerous benefits associated with story massage for children but here are some that Chichester Copywriter identified as most relevant to writers of all ages:

  • Story massage helps to stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity.
  • Story massage helps givers and receivers to engage with the meaning of words.
  • Story massage helps to enable givers and receivers to express themselves emotionally and communicate effectively.


The Story so Far…

Chichester Copywriter has been involved with the Story Massage project from the very beginning. Mary and Sandra started exploring the idea of creating a book dedicated to story massage in December, 2012, and Katy was part of a team who joined them for a brainstorming session to help get the ball rolling.

Since then, Mary has given a talk at Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat in April, 2013 on her work with story massage in Japan.

Katy has also provided the ladies with website marketing consultation, set up their Facebook and Twitter pages and even proofread the final version of their e-book Once Upon a Touch…Story Massage for Children before it went to the typesetters.

For those of you who don’t know­­ — as well as providing professional copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading services ­­— Katy loves creative writing and is interested in writing for children and young adults. She has written the first draft of a fairy story which features a family of squirrels living on Brownsea Island. As a taster of her nature inspired fairy story, Katy provided a poem/story massage called A Safe Place for Once Upon a Touch…Story Massage for Children.

Here are some photographs of the delegates at the Story Massage training session giving and receiving story massages featured in the new e-book, which is available for pre-order now:

Katy is really looking forward to the day that that this interactive e-book starts selling online because it will not only be Publication Day for Mary and Sandra but it will also be Publication Day for our Chichester Copywriter and the other talented writers involved!

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