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Katy of Chichester Copywriter has a hoot with Garage Ceramics

As regular readers of this blog will know, our Chichester Copywriter loves to get creative in any way that she can. Whether it’s writing poetry, organising and taking part in writers’ retreats for likeminded creative writers or making jewellery in her other guise as half of DillyWorm Crafts, Katy has a creative flair that she likes to exercise and encourage.

With this in mind, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that last week Katy of Chichester Copywriter joined Moira Strickland of Garage Ceramics and a team of keen crafters to Get Creative with Speciality Glazes.

Katy has not painted pottery since she was a little person and it was actually quite liberating for her to swap her pen for a paintbrush while getting a tad messy in the process. Moira, who runs a Chichester-based mobile pottery painting studio, has put together a programme of creative workshops exploring different ceramic glazing techniques on different pieces of pottery. One even involves using lace to create a fantastic effect on plates but this first workshop involved painting an owl pot, which was affectionately named Hooty.

Starting with one plain, white ceramic owl, in just over two hours Katy created the lovely specimen that you’ll see in the main picture. Isn’t he gorgeous?! However, our creative copywriter wasn’t alone on this artistic adventure. She was joined by Diana Morgan a fellow Social Media Marketer that Katy provided with Social Media Marketing training back in 2010, local author Penelope Bush who is running a workshop at Chichester Copywriter’s forthcoming Writers’ Retreat and a lovely lady called Claire Taylor.

Here’s how Katy and her crafty classmates created their beautiful Hooties:

  1. They roll glazed the inside of the owl (head and body) and left him upside down to drip off the excess and dry.
  2. Then, they used a brown foundation glaze all over the outside (with the exception of the wings and eyes).
  3. Next, they used an element glaze over the foundation glaze that although looked black in fact fires green.
  4. Over the black they applied a layer of white and then turquoise.
  5. While these layers were drying, they detailed the eyes, beak and feet.
  6. Next, they used the amazing crystal glaze (yes, it contains real crystals!) which explodes in the kiln, giving each Hooty a slightly different finished look.
  7. Finally, they stamped some half circles over the owl’s chest to create the impression of feathers.
  8. Moira stuck Hooty in the kiln to bake where the glazes reacted to a heat of around 1000°C, the element and crystal glazes changed into their final colours and a waterproof layer over the bisque was formed to stop moisture being absorbed by the pottery.

It seems that everyone had a hoot (aherm, sorry!) and the session was made even more enjoyable by Moira’s excellent teaching skills. She is so patient and manages to keep an eye on what everyone’s doing so that she can offer advice without ever being too pushy. This is a true skill, especially when everyone works at a different pace.

What’s more, each of Moira’s workshops (March 19th /April/23rd /May 21st /June 18th) is taking place at Le Salon Du Chocolat in Chichester and on the 19th there were even some delicious yet naughty nibbles on offer, much to Katy’s delight! Attending this workshop was also the perfect opportunity for Katy to buy some Easter choccies from the venue’s owner, Dawn Shrives.

This range of Get Creative with Speciality Glazes workshops is priced at just £25 per session, including the supply of all tools and materials, but the classes are small so if you fancy having a go, please contact Moira without delay on: 07832 209180.

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