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Chichester Copywriter writes London 2012 article for Business First Magazine

Katy of Chichester Copywriter wrote a feature article for the June/July issue of Business First highlighting the likely affects of the London 2012 Olympics on business. Now that Team GB are pulling in gold medals left, right and centre it remains to be seen how this will really impact our economy…

Business First began as a B2B magazine in West Sussex and now covers the London market. Brainchild of Nick Peters, long-time journalist and foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times and BBC, the philosophy of Business First is simple. The magazine aims to inform, entertain and sometimes provoke its target readership, which consists largely of entrepreneurs and senior business folk at leading organisations.

Here is an extract from Katy’s article:


Five years and billions of pounds later, the five ring Olympic circus is on our doorstep. Rarely has an event been met with such rejoicing at the start and so much scepticism as it came closer. The true accounting will not be made for years to come, as Katy Lassetter reports.

The Diamond Jubilee showed Britain at its best and that the British brand is in good shape. Businesses used bank holiday promotions and sales of merchandise to their advantage and a boost in turnover of as much as £509m was expected for retailers over the lengthy June weekend. Will London 2012 result in similar jubilation for business or is it actually going to have a negative impact, ultimately failing to deliver a return on our collective investment?…

You can read the June/July 2012 issue here where you’ll find Katy’s contributor mention on p8 and her article on pp18-21. Here are some images showing our South East copywriter’s feature article in Business First:

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