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Different Cultures and Different Creative Strokes

As much as the creativity in and around Chichester inspires, sometimes it’s refreshing to get out and about and see what there is to offer further afield. At the end of October, Chichester Copywriter drew creative inspiration from Esbjerg Art Museum while on a trip to Denmark.

This truly innovative place holds modern art from the 1920s onwards and offers open stores where paintings have been hung on sliding walls, making even more art accessible to the public. The paintings are hung in the order that they were acquired, illustrating the history of the collection and how different styles have gradually permeated into the consciousness of the Danes.

Another fascinating feature is the museum’s scent installation. Large jars of different scents are placed in the open stores to create The Garden of Wittgenstein. Visitors are invited to take in each scent and see what pictures they conjure, there’s everything from eucalyptus and sherbet lemons to tar and rubber, and it certainly gets you thinking!

A favourite installation included a completely white room with images of furniture created on the walls using a single ball of string and cleverly placed drawing pins. The effect of such a large white space and the subtlety of the carefully crafted images was magical and a combined challenge and treat for the eyes.

The huge wall-mounted dome, which resembled something like half a golf ball, was another highlight.  Created from materials that looked like they would be used to make a sofa, this was strangely comforting.

There were installations demonstrating the fantastic things that can be done with wood too. A table crafted from intricate and colourful wooden shapes with a wooden flame as its centrepiece was beautiful while the shed full of human shaped cut-outs in the courtyard garden was a lot of fun.

Taking a look at how different cultures display and appreciate art was a useful exercise for Chichester Copywriter since Katy has just started copywriting product descriptions for a company selling stunning diamond watches. Zeal Watches aims to sell online to Europe, Russia and the USA. A trip to Esbjerg Art Museum has opened Katy’s eyes somewhat and fuelled her creative flair for this particular project.

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For more photographs of Esbjerg Art Museum, please see Chichester Copywriter’s Facebook page.

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