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Stewart Ferris Inspires us all to Write

Founder and Managing Director of Summersdale Publishers, writer of many non-fiction titles and now committed author of novels, Stewart Ferris, kicked off the first Writers’ Retreat weekend with the ideal talk: How to Get Inspired to Write.

Stewart talked about everything from the importance of getting in the zone, the importance of location and environment and the importance of distancing yourself from distractions to the effects of schedules and deadlines and how they can put a rocket up you, giving you enough oomph to get scribbling.

He revealed how you can find inspiration in the more obvious places, such as favourite books and scenery, but also how inspiration can come from the not so obvious places too, such as cheesy dating shows! You never can tell where inspiration’s going to spring from and, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really matter as long as you feel encouraged and motivated enough to write. Stewart did, however, suggest some prompts for when writers’ block really sets in…

Stewart’s top-ten tips for getting inspired to write

  1. Go to the loo – it gets things moving in more ways than one!
  2. Read a book – different characters, plots and imagery will set your creative thoughts off.
  3. Get some sleep – approaching things with a fresh, open pair of eyes can work wonders.
  4. List all possible permutations for characters/plot – you may discover something new and exciting.
  5. Trip up your characters – not literally, but do something that wouldn’t be expected to create conflict and interest.
  6. Write down your thoughts – even if it’s just what had for breakfast it gets the words flowing free.
  7. Come at the story from a different angle – try writing from a different point of view, a different character or narrative voice, perhaps.
  8. Read all that you’ve written so far – this helps jog your memory.
  9. Start writing a different chapter – if you’re stuck on one, start another and come back to the other at a later date.
  10. Start writing another novel -same principle as above – there’s absolutely no shame in it!


This talk was a firm favourite with the evening’s attendees and Chichester Copywriter is pleased to report that at least three people were so inspired by Stewart’s talk that they went in search of further inspiration right away. Mary Atkinson woke up the next morning with a brilliant idea for her new book – we look forward to hearing more, Mary! In fact, Stewart was so inspired by giving the talk that at the time this was written he was just two pages away from finishing the novel he’s been working on for 15 years – not bad going!

To find out more about Stewart and his work and to get free downloads for writers visit his website.

Keep checking back for details about future Writers’ Retreats and if you have any suggestions of talks and speakers you’d like to see there, please leave a comment below.

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