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Wild and Wonderful: Flowers and Poetry at Bignor

At the weekend Chichester Copywriter experienced something wild and wonderful in Bignor. Our West Sussex copywriter was delighted by some newly published children’s poetry by local astronomer, Patrick Moore, to boot!

Bignor Church holds a bi-annual Weed and Wildflower Festival, which at first mention may sound rather unappealing but have you ever stopped to think about the amount of truly stunning weeds and wildflowers the UK has to offer? Just think: bluebells, foxgloves, poppies and cornflowers, to name but a few.

Now, can you imagine a village church bringing the outdoors in to exhibit a summer meadow? The whole interior of the Church was packed with grasses and wild flowers, trees and boughs arched over the aisle from floor to ceiling, water cascaded over rocks and birds flocked around the altar all in an ethereal smoky atmosphere of a magical fairy wonderland.

There were also lots of stalls exhibiting and selling rural crafts using wood, leather and stone. Re-enactments from the Medieval Siege Society and live music kept the crowds entertained and delicious cream teas were enjoyed on the vast lawns of the tea garden.

What made this event even more appealing to our creative writer was a poetry reading on the lawns by Sir Patrick Moore. The well known astronomer has published his first collection of poetry, Within the Glade: A Collection of Poems Written to Amuse Children (of All Ages), at 88 years old.

The book comprises 23 Edward Lear style poems, featuring owls, otters, eels and more, and really brings the creatures to life. The collection’s first poem, The Glade, was written while Sir Patrick was in his Sussex garden with the children of some old friends. After they had watched a frog leap about, the six-year-old girl and five-year-old boy asked the astronomer to write a poem about it. “I had never written anything of that kind before, but I had a go and, to my surprise, they loved the Froggy poem,” Moore commented.

Well, a man who had never written anything of that kind before soon went on to create 22 more poems, creating a collection that lay in a drawer until he rediscovered it just recently. On showing the rediscovered collection to his friend Sandra Saer, who runs independent publishing company SMH Books, Sir Patrick’s delightful poems were snapped up and printed in the shake of a rabbit’s tail. Unfortunately, Sir Patrick wasn’t well enough to give a reading on Sunday but Sandra made a rather lovely stand in.

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