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Are you ready for an Awfully Big Blog Adventure?

The ABBA Online Lit Fest is this Weekend!

Over Saturday 9th July 9th and Sunday 10th July An Awfully Big Blog Adventure are celebrating their third birthday with an online literature festival. This means that creative writers and aspiring children’s book writers like Chichester Copywriter’s Katy can join in the fun wherever they’re based – brilliant!

The Awfully Big Blog Adventure comprises children’s authors from all over the UK who met through the Scattered Authors Society. So, the blog is, quite literally, made up of the ramblings of a few scattered authors.

This weekend they’ll be hosting the very first online literary festival organised entirely by children’s authors. The line-up’s pretty special, with authors such as Liz Kessler and Katherine Langrish popping in every half an hour to share insights, tips, book news and giveaways. Chichester Copywriter will most certainly be checking in from time to time to see what’s going on!

You can find out more about the Awfully Big Blog Adventure here and those on Twitter can use #ABBAlitfest to follow discussions on this weekend’s festivities.

Below you’ll find the full programme of events, which is subject to change – remember it’s live, folks! All the posts will be archived too so you can have a read at any time you like during, or after, the event.

Saturday 9th July

9.30am Anne Cassidy Post: To Blog or Not To Blog?
10.00am Jo Cotterill 
10.30am Anne Rooney & Mary Hoffman Video: Italian Inspiration
11.00am Celia Rees Post: Scattered Authors, the Beginning
11.30am Elen Caldecott Competition: Win ‘Operation Eiffel
12.00pm Sally Nicholls Post: History
12.30pm Gillian Philip Competition: Win ‘Bloodstone’ and ‘Firebrand’
1.00pm Liz Kessler Competition: Win ‘A Year Without Autumn’
1.30pm Sam Mills Video: Interview with Tyger Drew-Honey
2.00pm Adele Geras
2.30pm Jane Eagland Post: The Ups and Downs of Research
3.00pm Enid Richemont
3.30pm Malcolm Rose Post: Reader Gregor Kelly questions Malcolm Rose over Forbidden Island
4.00pm Lucy Coats Video and Competition: Going to the Dogs–Tackling a Tricky Audience
4.30pm Susan Price & Katherine Roberts Post: Kindles and Kids Books
5.00pm Wendy Meddour Post: On Not Being a Famous Actress
5.30pm Miriam Halahmy & Savita Kalhan Video drama and discussion about Edgy Fiction
6.00pm Catherine Johnson Post: Rastamouse, the Moomins and Me
6.30pm Penny Dolan
7.00pm Linda Newbery Julia Jarman

Sunday 10th July

10.30am Emma Barnes
11.00 am Dianne Hofmeyr & Miriam Moss On Picture Books
11.30am Kath Langrish Post: Secret Rooms in Children’s Fiction
12 NOON Nicola Morgan Competition: Win ‘Write to be Published’ and a crabbit bag.
12.30pm Julie Sykes Post and Competition: My Favourite Bears
1.00pm Leila Rasheed Competition: Win a critique
1.30pm Joan Lennon Post: The Flamingo and the Writer
2.00pm Hilary McKay Competition: Win ‘Caddy’s World’
2.30pm Fiona Dunbar & Keren David Video: In Conversation
3.00pm Josh Lacey Competition: Win ‘Island of Thieves’
3.30pm Marie-Louise Jensen & David Calcutt
4.00pm Candy Gourlay Video: Creating a Legend
4.30pm Karen Ball Competition: An Inspiring Giveaway
5.00pm Linda Strachan & Cathy MacPhail Video: In Conversation
5.30pm Malachy Doyle Post: The Happy Book
6.00pm Michelle Lovric Competition: Win ‘The Undrowned Child’
6.30pm Sue Purkiss Post: What the Dickens?
7.00pm John Dougherty Competition and Composition
7.30pm Lynne Garner
8.00pm Nicky Browne Video: Finding history and herstory

Hope to see you there!

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