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Chichester Copywriter indulges in the beauty of the Far East

Chichester Copywriter’s Katy simply adores the culture of the Far East. She’s into: Thai and Chinese food (in abundance), China’s kitch obsession with Hello Kitty, The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hokusai’s art, flouncing around the home in a silk kimono and admiring the ancient beauties on display at the V&A and she even has a Steiff Panda Bear called Confucius. However, Japanese gardens have to be one of our creative copywriter’s biggest inspirations…

Compton Acres has one of the best and most authentic Japanese Garden’s in Britain and as it’s one of Chichester Copywriter’s favourite places she took a visit there to indulge in its loveliness a few weeks back. These are the kind of gardens that thoroughly inspire creative writing, especially haikus – the Japanese poetic form.

The first part of the 20th Century saw enthusiasm for all aspects of Japanese culture and art reach a climax in the endeavour to construct complete Japanese gardens featuring bronze statuary, stone artefacts, garden buildings and pools with bridges and stepping stones. The Japanese Garden at Compton Acres is one such example and the construction of the tea house, the thatched summer house, serpentine pathways and the large koi pool were constructed to authentic Japanese designs and supervised by Japanese craftsmen.

There are stone and bronze artefacts, copper cranes and serpents placed carefully throughout the gardens, which were imported from Japan in the 1920s. While many of the plants were chosen with an emphasis on Japanese icons, such as the colourful, evergreen Kurume hybrid azaleas, Japanese maples, beautiful Asiatic flowering shrubs and bamboo.

You’ll find more photos here.

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