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Swotting up on Social Media Marketing and SEO at London’s TFM&A

This week Chichester Copywriter went to Earls Court 2, London, to the biggest and longest running  event on Technology for Marketing & Advertising. Here she got the latest information on SEO and Search Engine Marketing, two of Chichester Copywriter’s specialist areas, from the industry’s experts.

Katy has attended the event for the last four years and it has help shape her career and the creation of Chichester Copywriter. It was at TFM&A that Katy first learnt about the power of social media and the hint of the next big thing – Twitter! Katy bought this knowledge back with her to Chichester, starting working on social media marketing with local agencies and has since built on this knowledge as the industry of social media and social networking has continued to grow. Today through Chichester Copywriter, Katy demonstrates to businesses how they can use social media marketing to help build brand awareness and how it works hand in hand with SEO. She even offers training packages on SEO and Social Media.

This year’s TFM&A event was off to a good start with its simple yet highly effective promotional campaign. The tagline, Create a Campaign that Becomes an Absolute Classic, was accompanied by an image of the Mona Lisa. This is the kind of straightforward marketing that Chichester Copywriter admires and strives to create.

Previous years have featured a range of fascinating keynote speeches on the bill from day one, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube to name but a few. However, this year the guest list was less star-studded on the Tuesday that Katy attended and unfortunately the speakers were less inspiring than usual. The panel that discussed The Risks and Rewards of Social CRM provided quite a dry debate while Cisco’s representative concentrated rather too much on drooling over David Beckham. Google were there again, but they were doing the same talk as last year and they were not offering the Google AdWords workshops which have proved useful for Chichester Copywriter in the past.

The Search, Social Media & Web 2.0 Theatre was of most interest with the talk on Subscribers, Fans & Followers: Delivering the right message in the right place by Patrick Kelly of ExactTarget offering by far the most enjoyment and the most useful information. How to Stay on Top of Search Engines from Miguel de la Rocha of dotSEO and Using Technology to Add Sophistication to your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns from Matt Whelan of Guava also revealed some little gems of insight.

Really, the exhibition stands are only of interest to decision makers in larger companies and those looking for software solutions (unless they’re giving something cool away of course) but the innovative idea that caught our copywriter’s beady eye this year was chocart – yes, you’ve guessed it chocolate as art! Despite combining two of Katy’s most favourite things these designer chocolates revealed images, photos or logos reproduced onto Belgian dark  chocolate using pure white chocolate with a stunning intricacy that will take your breath away before the chocolate  can even tantalise your taste  buds, see more at

Some notable giveaways were the Retention Email Marketing for Dummies guide, provided by Email Vision and Alterian’s The Little Book of Integrated Email Marketing. Alterian always provide The  Little Book of …something very interesting and topical! These two giveaways go some way to highlight the theme of this year’s show which was using email marketing along with social media to engage various audiences and reinforce the message. In previous years there has been a strong focus on the introduction and rise of social media and last year the keynotes and seminars brought with them a clear message that email isn’t dead.

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