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Chichester Copywriter’s Magical New Look

Chichester Copywriter’s website has recently undergone a much-needed makeover. For a while now we’ve been muddling along with a make-do website that featured excellent copywriting (as you’d expect) but a less than inspirational design. Towards the end of last year Katy really concentrated on building up the business so that she could at last get a professional website, fully incorporating the Chichester Copywriter brand identity, design, developed and launched…

Some people wonder why Chichester Copywriter brandishes a dragonfly logo and there are a number of explanations behind this unusual choice of branding:

  • Chichester Copywriter promotes good, natural, down-to-earth, no nonsense marketing
  • Katy is inspired by nature, especially dragonflies and peacocks (the colours of which make up the dragonfly image)
  • Dragonflies are delicate yet tenacious creatures that flit through the natural world just as Katy embraces networking with her peers
  • Peacocks are all about communication – they are strong, striking and really have got showing and telling down to a fine and beautiful art


Bored of the bland, corporate feel that many copywriters opt for, Katy wanted Chichester Copywriter to stand out from the crowd. Katy wanted a logo that represents what she does, using more than just words because her copywriting is creative, after all. Bill and Pete at Strohacker Creative were the creative force behind the logo.

But, she also wanted a brand identity that says something about her as a person, her copywriting and marketing style and that creative energy that runs through Chichester Copywriter’s projects. Pawel Martuszewski of Direct Media Design stepped up to the challenge and has captured Chichester Copywriter style wonderfully. Pawel took the purple and turquoise that make up the dragonfly, added some soft, reflective images, a clean modern layout, SEO functionality and plenty of sparkle to bring you the website design you see before you. Katy said this on Pawel’s achievements with the website:

“Pawel has done an excellent job of designing and developing the Chichester Copywriter website. I requested a fresh modern design that would distinguish me (in a good way) from other copywriters. He only had my logo to work with but he’s managed to take my brand identity as well as my personality into account with the design layout, colours and effects to provide a magical website design. I also wanted a website that’s user-friendly, so that my clients could navigate easily between my service pages and blog posts, and a website that’s SEO friendly – again he’s demonstrated his knowledge and skills wonderfully in these areas.

I’ve had loads of positive comments on the new website and I’m delighted with the result. Not only is Pawel’s website design and development prowess excellent but he also really listens to what you want and will always take the time to find the best option available. I thoroughly recommend Direct Media Design!”

In addition to the website, Pawel designed some lovely business cards that not only communicate all of our professional copywriter’s marketing services but also feature Katy’s contact details in a way that fully complements the website design. See the design here: Chichester Copywriter Business Card.

Do you like Chichester Copywriter’s style? Why not contact Katy today for your creative copywriting, Search Engine Optimised web copywriting and social media marketing needs.

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