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Na No Wri Mo: No Win

Chichester Copywriter decided to embark on the challenge of writing her first novel during National Novel Writing Month. This was a tall order to fulfil seeing as the competition rules state that you must begin a completely new, unplanned novel from scratch and write the entire novel (a minimum of 50,000 words) between 1st and 30th November.

Only those who create a novel of 50,000 or more by the end of November can call themselves winners and Chichester Copywriter only managed 27,892 words. The reason for this was a sudden influx of work at Chichester Copywriter HQ and, while Kate loves writing books in her spare time, the clients and their paid projects always come first; that’s just good business sense.

But don’t you fear dedicated Chichester Copywriter followers, all is not lost!…

Making a start on a novel is often the hardest part and Kate is over that particular hurdle and more than half way through.  Na No Wri Mo has taught Kate that you don’t need to have a strategy, story or even a character when you sit down and write; when you really open your mind the words just flow. In fact, when Chichester Copywriter sat down and began to write on 1st November several thousand words just came flooding out, it was very therapeutic. There must have been a book brewing away in that creative mind of hers for years now, and who knew?

So, you see our West Sussex copywriter might not have been a Na No Wri Mo winner this year but she was certainly not a loser either. Kate will continue to work on her teen fantasy novel between clients and hopes to try again for the prize with Na No Wri Mo 2011. 

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