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Chichester has become quite a creative hub, with a collection of successful design agencies and talented independent artists to boot. It’s hardly any surprise seeing as we live in such a beautiful and inspiring part of the country; the South Downs just make you want to create beautiful things constantly to show your appreciation. We also have Pallant House Gallery, one of the best art galleries outside of London with a host of excellent exhibitions past and present inspired by the collections of Edward James, who not only helped to discover surrealism with Dali but also lived in nearby West Dean.

In recent years there has been a scattering of web design agencies joining the Chichester creative scene. Just some of the web design agencies that Chichester Copywriter has created SEO website copy as well as professional brochure copywriting for include Chichester Design, Wilson Design Associates and Buzzword Creative. Kate has also had the pleasure to work with the creatives at Ascender Design on digital marketing strategies and web copy in Chichester and beyond. The on-set of organisations such as the South Coast Design Forum, for whom Kate edited the online newsletter last year, has also made it far easier for these companies to work together as a team rather than as competitors.

The reason for an increase in design agencies, more specifically web design, is the change in the ways that people work. Far more businesses are operating either solely online or have an online presence as well as a high street presence. Essentially, running a business online helps to cut costs, meaning more money is left over for marketing and stock. So, as more people need an online presence there is more of a need for web design and web design companies. This also means that there is far more competition online, and, in order for a business to stand out among its competitors, it needs to rank high in search engine results and this is where Chichester Copywriter can help.

Chichester Copywriter specialises in Search Engine Optimisation – professional web copywriting that includes keywords relevant to your business and other techniques so that your website can be found with ease by search engines when customers are looking for businesses such as yours. Imagine that you are a bookshop in Chichester; if people want to find a “bookshop in Chichester” they are likely to write such a command into a search engine such as Google. If you therefore have a website that mentions that you are a bookshop in Chichester, regularly and with relevance, your website is likely to show as a result to their search commend and that person is more likely to click through to your website.

Having a well-designed website, which customers can navigate easily and find the information that they need is the first step to business where an online presence is required. Just as it’s important for your website to look pretty and have bells and whistles it’s important that people can find your website in the first place (this is where SEO comes in) and that they can understand who you are and what you do when they get there (this is where professional web copywriting comes in). You see, in an economic era when so many businesses are starting and failing you need to make sure that you’re a business that starts and stays by arming yourself with the best web copy in Chichester, courtesy of Chichester Copywriter.

For more information or talk about how Chichester Copywriter can improve your web copy and increase your search rankings call: 07986 802194 or email

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