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The Social Network and its impact on business today

Chichester Copywriter went to see David Fincher’s The Social Network and it was not only fascinating to watch the story of how Facebook was founded and developed presented on the big screen but it was also really interesting to see … Continue reading

There’s a new tapir in town

Those of you who are close followers of Chichester Copywriter will know that Kate simply adores tapirs. Ever since visiting Longleat on Valentine’s Day in 2008, our West Sussex copywriter has had a penchant for their snuffling noses and affectionate … Continue reading

Twitter- a writer’s best friend

Chichester Copywriter uses Twitter to promote her business and communicate with fellow writers; why not when it’s quick, easy and free? Social Media Optimisation is just one of the services offered by Chichester Copywriter and its far better when marketers … Continue reading