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Lorrie’s Against the Tide in Chichester

Lorrie Whittington’s beautiful collection of paintings and illustrations, inspired by the sea and the flora and fauna contained within, is being exhibited at Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester, from 13th– 25th June. Chichester Copywriter’s Katy, inspired by Lorrie’s vibrant palette … Continue reading

Lorrie Whittington at Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat

Lorrie is a visual artist and designer based in Chichester. Lorrie specialises in painting, illustration and photography. Her influences range from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic, to the Post Modernist, and she is deeply influenced by the iconography and art … Continue reading

Chichester Copywriter admires Oxmarket miniatures and great Sculptures in Paradise

A trip to Chichester’s Oxmarket Centre of Arts was in order last week so that Chichester Copywriter could admire the Summer Exhibition of the Society of Limners – miniaturists and calligraphers. Although, as a writer, the art of calligraphy has … Continue reading