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Creative copywriting is as much a speciality of Chichester Copywriter’s Katy as SEO copywriting. Whether you want creative copy for a newsletter, magazine, marketing brochure or for product descriptions or your CV needs a bit of creative flair, Katy’s up for the job.

Chichester Copywriter currently provides creative copywriting (SEO web copywriting, online news articles, Twitter and Facebook posts) to a fabulous jewellery brand that is favoured by celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Elle Macpherson and Fearne Cotton. She has also worked on the creative product descriptions for international fashion accessory brand Zeal Watches.

Copywriting is not the only literary talent that Chichester Copywriter has. Katy is a keen poet and had Fields of Lavender published in Poetry & All That Jazz in 2012. As well as regularly contributing to What the Dickens? magazine, Katy enjoys writing children’s stories and even took part in National Novel Writing Month in November 2010, where she had a go at writing a 50,000 word YA novel! She is a creative copywriter that likes any writing challenge, so bring it on!

See some examples of Katy’s creative writing here:

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An Ode to Spring

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Chichester Copywriter gets creative with some surreal friends

Chichester Copywriter attends Poetry Workshop

Great Sensory Dorset Steam Fair

Ode to Lordington Lavender

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