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Chichester Copywriter discovers Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling with Ann Beazer 1When Mary Atkinson invited Chichester Copywriter’s Katy to her FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) support group on 1st April, she jumped at the chance. The guest speaker scheduled for the evening was none other than, Creative Journaling queen, Ann Beazer!

Since creating mandalas at Ann’s beautiful studio in Birdham, near Chichester, in August 2013, Katy has been eager to discover more about Creative Journaling.

The sight that welcomed the FHT support group was wonderful: pens, pencils and paper in every hue imaginable with stickers and Post-it notes to add textural embellishments to doodles and ramblings. Although she had no idea what the evening would bring, our creative copywriter was sure that anything involving copious amounts of colourful stationery was going to be fun!

A journal is…

… A place for everyday people to record, process and reflect thoughts and feelings from their everyday lives. A Creative Journal can be defined as an unbiased, unshockable confidante that is always ready to listen.

What is Creative Journaling?

Ann Beazer, who is based in West Sussex, has embraced journaling since the seventies. She has studied with bestselling author and art therapist Lucia Capacchione and is an accredited trainer in Creative Journal Expressive Arts.

When describing Creative Journaling as “a personal rescue remedy” and “a way to savour the moment”, Ann made the art-form sound increasingly appealing to our creative copywriter.

There are many ways to journal creatively using words, images or a combination of the two including:

  • Stories
  • Poetry
  • Lists
  • Letters
  • Dialogues
  • Doodles
  • Symbols
  • Graffiti
  • Cartoons

Many writers will identify with the fact that the act of writing something down and downloading information is therapeutic. Some say that they have a book or a story inside of them which acts as a weight until they get it onto paper. Have you ever written a Facebook post or an angry email just to get something off your chest but not pressed send? It is much the same principle.

The thing that Katy, as a professional copywriter, likes most about Creative Journaling is the freedom that it brings. It not only encourages the use of pens and paper in a world ruled by computers but also it is not restricted by accuracy – your journal is for your eyes only so spelling, grammar and punctuation are of no importance!

Why journal?

There are a number of reasons why Creative Journaling is a useful tool for writers and others alike. It helps us to acknowledge and value our thoughts and experiences. It helps us to let go of old worries and move forwards. It helps us to be kind to ourselves and improve wellbeing. Katy cannot think of a reason why you would not want to try it.

The Creative Journaling activities that Katy and the others carried out in the session included:

  • Express how you feel today
  • Express what gives you energy
  • List what causes anxiety
  • Write with the other hand – write a dialogue using the right and left hands as different voices
  • Express an inspirational quote
  • Express three things you are grateful for today


Grab a notebook and give some of them a try!

Contact Ann to find out more about her Creative Journaling workshops.

For more information on professional copywriting with creative flair, please get in touch with Katy today.

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