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Seeing Cobnor through Caroline’s eyes

This blog post contains a piece of writing that freelance writer Caroline Auckland, from Royal Tunbridge Wells, crafted during her visit to Cobnor, West Sussex, for Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat in April this year.

On returning home to Kent, Caroline wrote a lovely post for her own blog, A Window to my Soul, called Food for Thought. This  compares the afternoon tea that the writers shared on the Sunday afternoon with the rich content of the writing workshops and talks across the entire weekend:

“The level of catering also reflects the level of content of the course. It was high quality, delicious, enticing and stimulated all the senses – and that was just the course.”


What the Dickens? Magazine contributor Caroline later produced a thought-provoking blog post called I don’t like Poetry, where she reveals how Denise Bennett’s workshop helped her to deal with one of her creative writing demons.

Here are Caroline’s musings, inspired by her walk along the Cobnor shoreline to Cobnor Point on the Saturday morning of the Writers’ Retreat:


The Writers’ Retreat

You have to see the world the way that I see it. There are many levels, here and now, the surface and the deep. I will give you some clues but leave out the detail.

Trees, flint stones, walkers, shells, seaweed, windows, footpaths, birds and the sea, this list forms a pattern of possibilities, it is my verbal nature table.

I explored Cobnor Point with the Writers’ Retreat and then I withdrew into myself. I skimmed the horizon with my eyes till the cold air made them stream and the surface was no longer visible. Only then could I listen to hear the deep calling. Only then was I able to hear as the wind whispered a secret into my ear, but that is a different story. Here and now is not the right time. I will catch you unawares when I know that you are ready to listen. Some secrets need to be told but only when the time is right and only then will the story unfold and the magic be revealed. That is for the future.

By Caroline Auckland

Here’s hoping that you enjoyed Caroline’s beautifully intriguing piece. You too could become inspired to write – flash fiction, short stories, memoires, poetry or the start of a novel – during one of Chichester Copywriter’s Writers Retreats or Creative Writing Workshops.

The next Writers’ Retreat is planned for Summer 2014 so please keep checking the blog for details and either leave a comment below or get in touch if you’d like to be added to Katy’s mailing list.

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