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Chichester’s Open Mic Poetry with Martin Myers

Chichester’s Open Mic Poetry group returns to the new-look New Park Centre, Chichester, this Wednesday (28th November, 2012) where guest poet Martin Myers will open proceedings with a reading from his back catalogue and forthcoming new collection.

Not only is Martin Myers a freelance writer and academic researcher but he is also a lecturer at Chichester University. He has published widely around the area of social justice and education in particular work that looks at the lives of Gypsy families in the UK, the experiences of white working class families and the role of post-punk music in the formation of the nation state. He is co-author (with Kalwant Bhopal) of Insiders, Outsiders and Others: Gypsies and Identity, the first book to provide a theoretical understanding of 600 years of often unchanging relationships between Gypsy and non-Gypsy populations in Britain.

Since the 1980s, Martin’s poetry has been widely published in magazine and  broadcast on BBC Radio. He has produced a body of work that, according to Eli Shanks, is: “largely pre-occupied with a dark and unsettling shadow world, both familiar and obvious on the one hand but fantastic, exotic and dangerous on the other. A world best kept at arm’s length.” Martin has had two collections (Travellin’ Light and Tame The Neighbours) published by the Echo Room Press in Newcastle upon Tyne, but this week he will read from his forthcoming poetry collection The Kebab Town Road.

Why not join Martin and other local wordsmiths who are willing to share their poetry at this popular monthly open-mic session? There are always new readers so don’t hold back if you’ve got a poem or two tucked away.  However, if you’d prefer to sit back and let a wave of eclectic new poetry wash over you, then that’s fine too. They’ll be at Chichester’s New Park Centre, Wednesday 28th November, at 7.30pm. Please contact for further details.


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