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Chichester Copywriter’s Top Digital Marketing Tips from Brighton SEO

On Friday Katy of Chichester Copywriter took a day out of the office to go to Brighton. No, she didn’t go for a paddle in the sea, take a stroll along the pier or have a nibble on a stick of rock; she went along to Brighton SEO and it was just as enjoyable!

What is Brighton SEO?

Brighton SEO is a free one-day search marketing conference held in The Brighton Dome. It takes place twice a year and brings together some of the best speakers about Search Engine Optimisation in the world and attracts a super crowd of industry experts and enthusiasts.

2011 Global Media Agency of the Year, OMD UK, describes the event as follows:

“Brighton SEO is consistently a top quality event both for speakers and attendees. The fact that the team brings together some of the better known speakers on the circuit and a lot of first timers makes for a great dynamic. On the whole, one of my favourite conferences going and definitely miles ahead of many of the paid conferences – and it’s FREE!”

So, now you know! You can find out more here.

Highlights from Brighton SEO, April 2012:

  • Tickets were snapped up in fewer than 13 minutes after they were released
  • By midday #brightonseo was trending on Twitter in the UK
  • A moth flying around The Brighton Dome earned its own twitter page
  • Bing had a special image of Brighton Pier on their homepage in honour of Brighton SEO on 13th April
  • Representatives from Google and Microsoft attended the conference
  • We learnt how to set up an online sweet shop
  • A new website was launched with party poppers and everything!
  • ShellShock UK creates a fantastic souvenir infographic poster for Brighton SEO (featured below) and also features this article in The best BrightonSEO Round-up articles.


Top SEO, PR and marketing tips from the day:

  • Keep your re-brand strictly on a need to know basis until the last minute.
  • Content is more expensive in 2012 than it was in 2011. This is because it’s now expected to achieve more with regard to social media and SEO and it’s more important than ever that we maintain quality and keep it up-to-date.
  • Don’t over-optimise your website – think about it!
  • There is only so much information that a web-user can take in so always consider this when designing a website and planning content.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a link back when someone uses your content – remember that you’re only substantiating their content and aiding their SEO.
  • To keep your eye on what’s going on in the PR world use the following # tags on Twitter: #prfail, #prwin and #journorequest.
  • To succeed with SEO get really good at social media. It’s all about Twitter and Facebook.
  • Organic SEO and PPC work in harmony – PPC is good for providing market research/insights, which can improve and determine SEO
  • Search bots are like distracted teenagers and we need to help them to focus if they are to spend time effectively on our websites.
  • Search insight is valuable at every stage so always keep an eye on the ball.
  • Position 2 in the search rankings is the best position to receive click-throughs, as long as the call to action is clear.
  • Link-spam is a risky business – always consider your online brand reputation and remain transparent.
  • Rel=Author is the one to watch – especially for bloggers, feature writers and writers who would like to add credibility to their work when sharing online.
  • Don’t chase after Google’s algorithms, chase after your best interpretation of what users want, after all, that’s what Google wants!
  • and finally…if you ever use an animation of a squirrel on your website make sure that it winks


This was a thoroughly insightful day for Chichester Copywriter, providing Katy with even more expertise to produce excellent SEO website copy. Should you wish to chat about Search Engine Optimisation or you would like any of the above tips explained further, please get in touch.


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