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A Pig of Happiness to Thrash those January Blues

Katy of Chichester Copywriter is an avid reader and one of her favourite types of book – the type that makes her laugh out loud and read and re-read – are those by Edward Monkton.

Edward Monkton is in fact a persona created by the British poet, artist and greeting card writer Giles Andreae, who also created Purple Ronnie. Some of Katy’s favourite Edward Monkton books include: A Lovely Love Story, The Penguin of Death, Love Monkey and Zen Dog.

We know what a difficult time of year this can be for many after all the frivolities of the festive season – lack of money and motivation being top of the list – so, like the Pig of Happiness, we wanted to spread a little cheer among our blog readers.

Please take a few minutes to enjoy this Edward Monkton animation: The Pig of Happiness and share your thoughts and recommendations on what to read to combat the Winter Blues by leaving a comment below.



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