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Do your Part with Art

Local artist, friend and colleague of Chichester Copywriter, Lorrie Whittington, is doing her part with art by auctioning two of her original illustrations to raise money for the African Famine Crisis. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a very worthy cause and all you have to do to help is bid on Lorrie’s gorgeous illustrations, bag yourself a gorgeous piece of original art and all the money will go to UNICEF!

The art auction runs until Saturday 13th August and is an exclusive opportunity. Lorrie is auctioning two of her original illustrations, neither of which have been offered for sale before. Both illustrations are rendered in ink and acrylic paint on A4 acrylic paper. They are signed on the back and will be sealed in protective plastic envelopes when sent out to the winning bidder.

To bid or pledge for either piece, leave a comment on Lorrie’s original post (remember to include the title of the piece you are bidding on). Each illustration has a starting bid of £20 and we encourage you to bid generously.

When the auction ends, the winner/winners will donate the money directly to the UNICEF appeal and forward the confirmation email to Lorrie, who will not receive any proceeds. On receipt of this confirmation email and your address Lorrie will mail out your newly gained artwork by registered post.

Here are the lovely pieces you can bid for:

You can see more of Lorrie’s art exhibited at Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat, from Friday 26th August until Sunday 28th August. Tickets are available for the Friday evening for £15 and for the whole weekend from £200. Please contact Chichester Copywriter for more details and to purchase your ticket.

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