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Quintin and Zena Macmorland, Reiki Masters, at Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat

Quintin and Zena Macmorland are both Master Teacher members of the UK Reiki Federation. Developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century, Reiki uses ‘universal life force energy’ which flows through all living things to promote the body’s own self-healing ability, working on physical and emotional levels.

Using energy for healing, Reiki is very relaxing and restores and rebalances the body. The recipient simply relaxes in a sitting or lying position and there is no need to remove any clothing. A treatment involves the gentle placing of hands on or near specific points of the body and generally takes an hour.

“I was introduced to Reiki by Quintin and soon decided to start Reiki training as well. I eventually left my office job, which was both demanding and stressful, and committed myself to Reiki. The benefits of Reiki are incredible. Let us give you the opportunity to find out for yourself how effective this wonderful healing therapy can be.” Zena Macmorland.

A relaxing reiki treatment to boost creativity

A relaxing reiki treatment with Quintin or Zena Macmorland, which can boost creativity and aid writers’ block, will be available to those on the Writers’ Retreat weekend for an additional cost of £10-£20. Please arrange your reiki treatment when booking your weekend tickets.

Find out more about Quintin and Zena here:

Contact to buy tickets for Chichester Copywriter’s Writers’ Retreat. Weekend tickets, including accommodation, delicious homemade food, workshops with professional writers and stress-relieving outdoor activities start from £200. Tickets for Friday evening’s Pimm’s reception, art exhibition, writing and publishing talks, networking and book signing event are just £15.

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