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Chichester Copywriter at Kate Mosse’s Book Clinic

Last night Chichester Copywriter’s Katy Lassetter spent an evening with international bestselling author, and local resident, Kate Mosse at Chichester Library. This informal chat about writing and publishing gave a fascinating insight into Kate’s creative writing inspirations and processes. It was also the ideal setting to discuss just how important our libraries are to writers and readers alike.

Kate Mosse spends some of her time writing at home in Chichester and some of the time writing in Carcassonne, France. She talked about how the two places have their similarities, particularly their Roman walls and the fact they’re stepped in history. She went on to say how it’s a setting, such as Carcassonne, that really inspires her writing and that she sees a place as a scene where action takes place, a plot forms, and characters reveal themselves. She also mentioned how characters can turn up unexpectedly and how when she was writing Sepulchre a character from Labyrinth just appeared on the page unplanned and became part of the story and she said to herself: “Oh, how nice to see you!”

Having worked in publishing and broadcasting and written a handful of bestselling novels as well as being one of the founders of the Orange Prize, Kate’s now writing plays. She’s already worked on a play that was performed live on Sky television and is now writing a play for the Bush Theatre, London, and has plans to write for Chichester Festival Theatre too. Kate said there’s nothing quite like seeing your work acted out and being there to gauge the audience’s natural reactions in a theatre.

It was wonderful to get real insight into what makes other writers tick and it was a relief for Katy to discover that Kate Mosse prefers to write in her pyjamas! You’ll often find Chichester Copywriter typing away pyjama-clad because writing in your PJs gives you that escapist divide; once you’re dressed you join everyone else in the real world, which can greatly interfere with your imagination and creativity.

Another topic that Kate covered was the importance of our public libraries. Kate stressed that libraries are not only important to writers as a place to spread awareness of their writing but they are also extremely important to readers. There are many people out there who can’t afford to buy books and a borrowing library is an excellent way for them to gain access to literature and keep reading. It makes little sense to close libraries, particularly in areas of high illiteracy and high crime. Our libraries are important resources for all and it’s imperative that we make a stand against closures.

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Let us know in the comments below if you were at Kate’s Book Clinic and we’d love to know your views on the library closures too!

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