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A Right Royal Tea Party

As Chichester Copywriter was shutting its office doors for the day by royal decree Katy decided that the only way to celebrate the Royal Wedding was with a typically British tea party; a teddy bear’s tea party at that.

You’ll know that Katy of Chichester Copywriter is rather fond of her fluffy friends, particularly Terrance and Tallulah the office tapirs, and not having an awful lot of interest in following the royal nuptials she thought it was the perfect excuse to treat the bears to a formal occasion.

Our professional copywriter wasn’t really into the whole Royal Wedding thing until she caught a glimpse of Will and Kate the Movie, which was, in all honesty, total trash but brilliant all the same. Then on realising that Will and Kate are the same age as Katy and her partner Pete, and that they’ve been together the same amount of time, Monday morning’s live coverage became all the more compelling!

It was incredible how watching hours of television on not a lot was so fascinating. It was only when ITV’s Phillip Schofield mentioned that he hadn’t been to the loo for 5 hours that Katy realised she was suffering the same fate as a result of not being able to drag herself away from the telly box – now there’s dedication to a day of national importance!

Anyway, Katy and mum did find enough time to make sandwiches, cakes and scones along with a steaming pot of tea and a generous jug of Pimm’s. The bears even got their Union Jacks out and gave them a right royal wave in the happy couple’s direction. After all that romance, admiration of Kate’s amazing dresses (Camilla’s too), the sheer delight of that second kiss and the surprise of the newlyweds leaving Buckingham Palace in Charlie’s flash car, and indeed with a tummy stuffed with good British food, it was time for a nap. It really was a lovely day.

Now, after all those lovely bank holidays of late it’s time to get back to reality. There’s lots of copywriting, social media marketing, blog writing and organising of the Writers’ Retreat to be done here at Chichester Copywriter HQ. Has the Royal Wedding’s improvement on the British Monarchy’s brand motivated you to refresh you own brand with new marketing materials? Look no further than Chichester Copywriter for professional copywriting with a down-to-earth approach. Call 01243 533421 today to find out how Katy can help.

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