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Is Marketing a Woman’s World?

The gender debate in the professional world is ongoing but how divided is the marketing profession between men and women? Chichester Copywriter, as a female marketer, thought she’d have little look…

Two B2C marketing departments that Katy worked in were largely dominated by female marketing professionals. Katy’s marketing managers at both Fuse Optimisation and John Wiley & Sons were women. Also, the large majority of marketing departments within the global publisher, particularly in the UK office, were managed and directed by female marketers.

However, recent research suggests that B2B marketing is an industry with quite an equal gender divide, with slightly more women studying for marketing qualifications and slightly more men at marketing director and board level.

Men acquiring seniority is thought to be down to women leaving their careers to look after children, rather than any reflection on their skills or abilities. There are many marketing agencies in Chichester and throughout Sussex, some specialising in SEO others in brand identity, and the majority of these are headed up by men. Katy also finds that many of the marketing industry representatives she meets at networking are male too

But, as Debbie Williams, Chair of the IDM’s B2B Council, argues there are some stereotypically “female” attributes including good communication skills, intuition, patience and tenacity, which go hand in hand with good marketing. Debbie also asserts something that Chichester Copywriter whole heartedly agrees with:

 “We’ve moved away from a traditional hard sell. Look at the explosion of social media and digital media. A CMO needs to be able to create a dialogue with customers. Females can be very empathetic, which is useful when you’re dealing with diverse teams and stakeholders, too.”

Katy has a portfolio of clients who have come her way simply because they like her style of creative copywriting. Chichester Copywriter follows a down-to-earth approach to marketing, and Katy’s professional copywriting encourages consumers to take an interest in her clients’ products/services without force-feeding them heavy sales pitches.

The fact is, there are so many different aspects to marketing now – press releases, email marketing, direct marketing, guerrilla marketing, social media marketing – that there is also room in the industry for many experts. Marketers should be respected for the results they get and for their professional opinions, no matter what their gender or age. Stephanie Doyle, marketing and business development manager, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, sums this up well:

“Good people want to work with good people and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. The only way to negate the sexism is to succeed on your merit.”

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