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Chichester Copywriter’s Ode to Spring

With Easter just around the corner, new life blossoming and chocolate eggs in abundance, Chichester Copywriter thought it was high time we celebrated spring with an ode…


The Flowers of spring

The snow has melted into the earth and the grass is revealed once again,

Accented with tiny tears hanging delicately in the balance.

They are suspended in time, pearlescent and pure, as we savour winter’s last.


Perky purple heads poke through, flushing the floor with imperial patches.

Minus the precious amber interiors of their exotic cousins,

These regal jewels are no less rich or vibrant to the weary walker’s eye.


Soft and buttery, flat faces with golden centres surrounded by raggedness

Are scattered amid the forest floor, on banks, verges and at side of path.

They emerge in clusters from a duvet of green, dewy and innocent.


As the days begin to lengthen the skies are reflected on the land;

A radiant blanket of sunshine descends and each perfectly formed head,

Burning stella-like, strives until trumpets of beauty echo far and wide.


From craggy African mountain ledges to the plains of Holland,

Now we can see flags of myriad colours all over the UK too.

Tall petals atop lofty stems stand guard of spring in its most glorious bloom.



Chichester Copywriter’s Katy has entered this into the National Trust’s Landlines poetry competition. This competition was open to all with the requirements that the poem was a maximum of 20 lines and inspired by the outdoors, one of Katy’s favourite muses. Entries will be judged by poet and broadcaster Ian McMillan, so wish us luck!

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