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The boy and the girl who lived in a biscuit tin

Here’s another example of Katy’s creative writing – our Chichester Copywriter loves writing children’s stories! Katy is looking for an illustrator for this so if you’re interested, please get in touch

There once was a boy and a girl who lived in a biscuit tin. They lived together, just him and her.

How big was this biscuit tin?

The biscuit tin looked like a normal sized biscuit tin from the outside. But inside, the biscuit tin was very roomy. As well as plenty of biscuits, the tin had a very comfortable sofa, books and even a little garden full of flowers made of crumbs; it had just about everything that the boy and the girl needed.

How did they get into the biscuit tin?

Once the biscuit tin was placed on the floor the boy and the girl could hold hands and jump in. As soon as they made contact with the biscuit tin the boy and the girl became the right size to fit inside and they would drop comfortably onto the sofa.

What did they do in the biscuit tin?

As well as having tea parties with their friends and writing plays that they could star in and act out, they played games, read books and painted flowers in their garden. The boy even made up little rhyming ditties about the girl, which she loved to dance along too.

What did they eat in the biscuit tin?

They ate chocolate chips, ice cream and bananas BUT NOT BISCUITS. They ate almonds, cheese and figs BUT NOT BISCUITS. The biscuit tin was full of Hobnobs, but the boy and the girl were not allowed to eat these as they were part of their home and that would be like you or I eating our tables and chairs!

How did they get out of the biscuit tin?

Well, you see, there was a jelly ladder. No, it wasn’t all wobbly like a mound of jelly that would be just silly! It was a ladder made of hardened brightly coloured jelly so that it was strong enough to take their weight but still able to bend into whatever shape they needed.

How long did they live in the biscuit tin?

They lived in the biscuit tin for a very long time. There was plenty to do and plenty to eat. They came out occasionally to see their friends and families but mostly they just liked to be together in the biscuit tin, just the two of them. They were very happy there.

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