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Chichester is Making Sense of Social Media

Chichester Copywriter’s always keen to keep up-to-date with the fast pace of the social media marketing world and yesterday Katy attended: Making Sense of Social Media Part 2, run by Chichester in Partnership with local marketing professionals Louise Fenwick and Jono Oswin.

Obviously, Katy uses Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote Chichester Copywriter and also offers a social media marketing service to help clients set up and optimise their own accounts but there was still plenty of knowledge to be gained. The main messages of the afternoon were that when communicating via social media you should be clear and concise, making sure that your content always has value and that you have to remember that you only get out what you put in.

It was interesting to be in a workshop environment where people could bounce ideas off one another and everyone’s different opinions and perspectives came into play. As a result, some insightful uses for social media marketing were identified, including: recruitment, promoting events, interacting with similar people and organisations, promoting awards and achievements, offering advice, offering help and support, gaining brand advocates, adding to contact lists, and directing more traffic to blogs and websites.

Louise and Jono offered some sage advice on how newcomers should familiarise themselves with social media. They suggested setting up a profile and having a good look at and listen to how other people use it – in a sense, you become a passive spectator while you suss things out. This is indeed a good way to start as long as you remember to start engaging as soon as you have something worthy to say. While I realise this comes more naturally to some than others, as suggested in the training session, it’s good practice to act in the same manner as you would when networking face to face, Ps and Qs and all.

They also highlighted how important it is that social media becomes part of the wider marketing strategy. More and more people are using social media marketing but they’re failing to dedicate the same time/budget they do to more traditional mediums, such as print advertising. It’s important to use the marketing channels that are most relevant to your business and social media marketing should be integrated with other activities for maximum effect.

More details on Chichester Copywriter’s Social Media Marketing services can be found here. Get in contact with today to set up a social media marketing consultation.

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