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Chichester Copywriter gets creative with some Surreal Friends

Sadly, Chichester Copywriter didn’t win a trip to Mexico so that she could marvel at the beauty that inspired many other creatives but we thought we’d post the poem, short story and description that Katy entered into Pallant House Gallery’s Surreal Friends competition to give you an idea of our professional copywriter’s creative writing talents…

Are You Really Syrious?, Leonora Carrington, 1953

Are You Really Syrious? Only we cats could know for sure,

As mystic creatures of after dark who worship the night sky.

They dance around submissively and reach for omnipotence from floor,

We cats are far higher beings, but inquisitive, still ask who and why.

They try to restrain us with their walls, but we will always tower.

We will only take their performance of affection as we please.

They can try and name us, but they do not have the power;

Perhaps you are like us, Syrious; you will not be netted with ease.

We can see your intriguing golden hue that glows on us from afar,

Twinkle, twinkle, mighty star; how we wonder who you truly are.

Bird Pong, Leonora Carrington, 1949

A child watches in awe as beautiful birds flutter then dive above and she asks: “How is it that birds fly so high and they don’t fall out of the sky, mama?”, her mother replies: “Between the force of gravity, a gentle wind and the flapping of their glorious downy wings the birds glide among the clouds as if being batted back and forth in a game of ping-pong.”

The child looks on and imagines a glorious game of Bird Pong between the ethereal Princess of Air and the Queen of Feathers with her opulent plumage. The child smiles as she sees the birds soar on the Princess’s buoyant breeze and fleet fearlessly using the Queen’s flourishing feathers across the great ping-pong table in the sky.

The House Opposite, Leonora Carrington, 1945

The grass is always greener over there. A woman’s work is never done over here. There is cooking and there is cleaning, and there is caring. It seems conspiratorial, like I have been cursed with this life. There are always animals and children beneath my feet. You cannot work with either lunacy or capers. What I would give for a magical intervention, some peace and quiet, to sit beneath the trees in an orchard and dream of the fairies, to sit alone at a table and enjoy a good meal, to take myself to bed and sleep deeply. Oh, the grass is always greener at The House Opposite.

Images courtesy of Pallant House Gallery visit here for more details on the catalogue.

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