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The Social Network and its impact on business today

Chichester Copywriter went to see David Fincher’s The Social Network and it was not only fascinating to watch the story of how Facebook was founded and developed presented on the big screen but it was also really interesting to see how this relates to the business world today.

The shenanigans in The Social Network unfortunately rang true as a representation of some try-hard entrepreneurs today; frequently bad business decisions are made as personal feelings shadow good professional sense. But what this film shows most of all is how personal and business relationships have now become more entwined for the greater good through the introduction of social networks, such as Facebook.

Many social engagements are now centred on networking for business and Kate’s Facebook friends list is becoming increasingly blurred as the number of business colleagues and associates creeps up to equal the number of old friends. This wasn’t really what Mark Zuckerberg set out to achieve when he introduced the social networking site to fellow Harvard students in 2003 but as it became available to more universities and then branched out worldwide, Facebook grew and so did its strength as a networking tool. It’s certainly made Mark the millions necessary to pay off his various law suits but Facebook’s now helping to make money for other businesses too.

Thanks to Mark, and his rather slap-dash approach to business, Facebook has become a very important part of the business world. Chichester Copywriter is in no way suggesting that the key to business success is to write dreadful things about your ex on a social forum, demean the opposite gender, exploit the ideas of others for your own gain and double-cross your friends. On the other hand, Kate can optimise your Facebook fanpage for business to maximise your brand awareness and get you well on the way to increasing your sales.  Find out more about this social media optimisation service today or contact to make an appointment.

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