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Chichester Copywriter enjoys Nocturne with Chopin and Sand

On 11th November Chichester Copywriter visited Chichester Festival Theatre to see an unusual kind of theatre performance, which combined music and words to chronicle the life of acclaimed pianist and composer Frederic Chopin and his turbulent romantic relationship with leading French writer, George Sand.

The performance was narrated by actors Juliet Stevenson and Michael Maloney and these readings were interspersed with some of Chopin’s most well known compositions performed by the very talented Lucy Parham, a former winner of BBC Young Musician of the Year.

Nocturne followed Chopin’s relationship with the controversial literary figure and feminist George Sand – how they met, their time together in Majorca, Chopin’s fragile health and his ultimate demise in Paris at the age of just 39.

George Sand was the pen name for the French writer Aurore Lucile Dupin, and is how she’s best known. She’s regarded as the first French female writer to gain a major standing and she also became something of a muse for Chopin; it was fascinating to see how two individuals could inspire such creativity in literature and music.

Each reading was themed on a different important aspect of Chopin’s life. The words were powerful and thought provoking and the music that followed helped to put them into context, conjuring up images to illustrate the composer’s life in the minds of the audience.

Chichester Copywriter always uses other arts to inspire her creative writing, from paintings and sculpture in galleries to photography and film. In Nocturne it was refreshing to see how the arts worked together in the 19th Century to inspire the works of two of history’s finest creatives. Sand once said that, “Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth” and it seems that Chopin found that ideal truth with Sand by his side.  

The name of the performance, Nocturne, comes from the French word for nocturnal and is a type of musical composition that Chopin was famous for, inspired by the night. Our West Sussex copywriter also finds inspiration for her creative writing from the night-time. She loves the moon and the stars and is always at her most motivated to write poetry or crack on with her novel in the evenings.

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