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Chichester Copywriter and the Flying Books

On 12th and 14th October the Flying Books landed at Chichester Library and Chichester Copywriter went along to check them out and make her very own creative writing contribution.

The Flying Books are part of a collaborative sketchbook project, designed to be a snapshot of thoughts, hopes and feelings, drawn from communities across Sussex to create a lasting visual legacy.  Throughout October the Flying Books are at libraries across the county and members of the public are welcome to become part of the project by contributing to the books with drawings, poetry and more to encourage getting in touch with creativity.  

On her website, Claire Nias, founder of Flying Books, describes the concept like this:

“In the beginning, there is always a small blank notebook. To become a sketchbook, it fills with drawings, painting, collage, writing and miscellaneous flat things. To become a Flying Book, it is shared around. Passing from person to person the book fills up, page by page. There are over fifty Flying Books at present  – some full, others ongoing, some have just started. Since 2005 when the first of these books was begun, several hundred people – artists and non-artists – have joined in the project. Each sketchbook has a different theme…Their origins are in  Brighton and Hove, but they are packed up into Flying Book Cases and often on the road.”

The books arrive at each library in a suitcase and each one is labelled with a theme, such as a Book of Words, Book of Sounds and Book of Cities. Our West Sussex copywriter had a good flick through the Book of Attachment and the Book of Music, to which local artist Chris Raquet, who was running the session, joyfully added his own illustration.

Chichester Copywriter made a contribution to the Book of Scents by adding her poem, Ode to Lordington Lavender, and creating an image of lavender from scrunched up tissue paper of different purple shades.

Exhibitions of the completed Flying Books will be held at local libraries during November and December and can be seen online at:

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