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13 is lucky for some

Last weekend Chichester Copywriter made the most of the fantastic weather and appreciated autumn in all its red, brown and gold glory, glowing in the October sunshine. She headed to Poole and from there caught the Brownsea Island ferry with the plan of seeking out the elusive red squirrel, which is much livelier at this time of the year.

Within a few minutes of landing on the island and setting off on a nature trail Kate saw two young red squirrels jumping between the increasingly thinning branches. It was a fantastic sight and certainly set the tone for a squirrel-laden day.

Chichester Copywriter has been researching the red squirrels of Brownsea Island, one of few places where this species can still be found in the UK, as they are the lead characters in her first children’s book. Kate has embarked on this creative writing challenge but is determined to make her non-fiction book full of tantalising facts to educate 7-10 year olds, hence why she recognised the call of the red squirrels and was ready to pin-point their locations among the trees.

As well as beautiful peacocks, that inspire the colours of Chichester Copywriter’s branding, parading in the sun and plenty of dragonflies darting through reed beds and woodlands, our West Sussex copywriter spied 13 red squirrels on her trip to Brownsea Island. These beautiful furry critters were lapping up the warmth penetrating their coats while they skipped among shards of light shining through the trees. Some munched on pinecones in the treetops while others chewed on chestnuts, some rustled around in the leaves burying their supplies while others scurried back to their drays to share out their supplies.

You can see some shots of the elusive red squirrel here:

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