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Chichester Copywriter goes all surreal

Quite a bit of Chichester Copywriter’s writing is inspired by art and Pallant House Gallery’s recent Surreal  Friends writing competition gave her the perfect excuse to get those slightly surreal creative juices flowing free…

Pallant House Gallery’s summer exhibition is dedicated to surrealism. It also happens to fall in the anniversary year of two momentous events in Mexican history: the Bicentenary of Mexican Independence from Spain and the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution.

Since 19th June, and for just two more weeks, Surreal Friends has celebrated the personal and artistic relationship of three women – Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna – an English painter, a Spanish painter and a Hungarian photographer who met in Mexico City in 1943 and created a surrogate family there.

Surreal Friends has brought us the first substantial display of Carringon’s work in Britain for 19 years, as well as the first ever comprehensive showing of works by Varo and Horna in the UK. It is more than a coincidence that the exhibition takes place in Chichester’s finest art gallery since it is close to the West Dean estate once owned by Surrealist patron Edward James. James was not only a champion and collector of Salvador Dali but also a supporter and close friend to Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna. He also spent a substantial amount of time in Mexico, and while there created his exquisite Surrealist Garden of Eden, Las Pozas, in a tropical rainforest in the mountains.

Chichester Copywriter recently got her creative writing head on to try and win a trip to Mexico to share the inspiration that Edward James and the The Surreal friends found there in a writing competition held by Pallant House Gallery. The writing competition gave entrants the chance to interpret the meaning of three of Leonora Carrington’s paintings–Are You Really Syrious?, Bird Pong and The House Opposite. With a limit of just 150 words, Our West Sussex copywriter decided to write a short story, a poem and a description to tell her version of the story behind the paintings.

This creative copywriting exercise turned out to be a lot of fun and, after visiting the Surreal Friends exhibition herself this week and getting thoroughly drawn in to the fantasy worlds they create, Kate bought a book about the artists and their works with the aim of interpreting more of their paintings through words. Watch this space for more of Chichester Copywriter’s creative writing, which is coming soon.

Contact if you would like some creative copywriting or corporate copywriting for your latest marketing venture. She’ll help you to make an impact whether you want something surreal or serious.

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