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Writing is an art too

Last weekend Chichester Copywriter volunteered her services at The I Am Joy Arts Festival. She got to spread the word about the art of copywriting, enjoy the wonderful entertainment and lend a hand for a fabulous cause.

I Am Joy is a non-profit organisation, which started in 2007 and is a celebration of local arts including, art and sculpture, theatre, music and writing. The festival is held over four days in August in Priory Park, Chichester, and Chichester’s Boys’ Club where there are plenty of workshops and performances for people of all ages and interests to attend.

Highlights from this year’s festival included an art maze, an ever-evolving sculpture garden, arts and crafts workshops, circus skills, fire dancing, parkour performances and music from local bands, such as the brilliant Los Albertos from nearby Brighton.

There was even a representation of writing as an art-form through poetry workshops and displays from local writers such as Chichester Copywriter ( and, Jane Rusbridge (The Devil’s Music) and Katie Ramsey (The Eco Guide to Sussex).

However, it seems that there are still some art-lovers who are of the opinion that writing does not count as art. This is of course not the case and Chichester Copywriter is here to tell you why:

  • Writing requires imagination – it is necessary for both the writer and reader to open their minds and let the words form a picture in the mind
  • Writing is about expression – writers, like other artists, are passionate individuals and they use words to express how they feel and make sense of the world around them
  • Writing is open to interpretation – you can study a poem and look for its meaning just as long as you would a painting or installation
  • Writing employs artistic techniques  – just as you can use brush strokes in a painting, lighting in photography or materials with sculpture, you can use various literary techniques, such as alliteration and onomatopoeia, to make writing pretty
  • There is a genre called Creative Writing – Creativity: Ability to produce something new through imaginative skill, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia)

If there’s still anyone in any doubt that writing is an art-form, Chichester Copywriter is more than happy to demonstrate her creative writing talents. Contact to find out more about creative writing services, poetry and prose.

See some photographs of some of the art displayed at I Am Joy on Chichester Copywriter’s Facebook page.

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